Wuza-wuza Music & Dance Theater

Wuza-Wuza, translates as you and us together as one: a phonetic combination of Akan by pronunciation ‘Wu’ you and Dagbani ‘Zaa’ together as one, it also represents the founder’s first name.

Wuza-Wuza company members are highly-trained performers and instructors, having completed rigorous residency with prestigious companies such as the National Dance Company of Ghana, Noyam African Dance Institute, and collaborating with members of the Sogo dance troupe, Nbanba Culture dance, N.Y.C. Dance troupe, Gyanomo Dance Troupe and many others. The company is considered among the fastest developing production groups on the continent in its creativity and innovation, and their progressive revival of traditional dances has been lauded as visionary.

Wuza-Wuza is under the patronage of professor Emeritus Kwabena Nketia (1921), world-renowned musicologist and composer who founded and directs the International Centre for African Music and Dance (ICAMD) of the University of Ghana in Legon. As a pioneer of contemporary dance in Ghana, West Africa, Yawuza Alhassan continues to share his experience and knowledge through seminars, workshops and performances in the US, Holland, UK, Belgium, Switzerland, France, South Africa, Togo, Nigeria, Benin and many many others, receiving accolades wherever he goes.


Our Hardworking Team

Since our Establishment, we have gathered a team of more than 20 dance instructors who have experience in various dance styles.

Yawuza Alhassan

Founder & Visioneer

Yawuza Alhassan is not one man but many. Not only is he the cultural/artistic director of the Wuza-Wuza music and Dance theatre Company, which he started in 2000, he is also one of the finest young choreographers in Africa, a multi artiste, instructor and performer

Alhassan Alidu

Dancer & Tutor

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Mutala Karim

Master Drummer & tutor

Quisquam facilis cum velit laborum corrupti

Mohammed Alhassan

Dancer and tutor

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Mariama Gariba


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Baba Ala


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Horla Kurti


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kuubet Saeed


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Helen baba Allah


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Our Skills

Check our Our Skills

Afrikiki Dance 100%
Contemporary Afo Dance90%
JavaScript 75%
PHP 80%
WordPress/CMS 90%
Photoshop 55%
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